With multiple detection engines, Radiflow Benefits enables you to see all your assets clearly . The solution presents a snap-shot of the entire OT network including all devices and their connectivity. Mapping is done in a passive way to ensure zero interference with critical operations and yet provides in-depth visibility into the devices inventory details which serves as the basis for an awareness of the network’s vulnerabilities and any anomalies compared to normal baseline behavior.


Radiflow Benefits enables you to identify what and who is threatening your network and to know where your network stands in terms of risk and potential impact. This process utilizes the Radiflow OT BAS (breach-attack-simulation) solution using a data-driven approach to combine the vulnerabilities in your network with the tactics of your adversaries. The assessment summary is presented by Radiflow Solution in a clear way using business-related terms to highlight your cyber risk compared to your tolerable risks as well as your compliance gaps.


Unlike traditional risk management tools, Radiflow Benefits provides a unique data-driven framework to manage your OT cyber risk. The OT BAS engine automatically simulates hundreds of WHAT-IF scenarios. These enable ROI based optimization of your cyber-security roadmap with multiple prioritization keys to fit the various needs of each enterprise. Once a plan is defined, Radiflow tools provide clear tracking and reporting of progress.


The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing and especially so in the emerging OT cyberspace. Radiflow Benefits provides continuous monitoring of network activity to alert you of any anomalies that might indicate a cyber breach as well as continuous analysis of changes in the threat landscape and their impact on the enterprise risk posture. This ongoing aspect of the SEE-KNOW-ACT workflow, which is critical to the preservation of cyber resilience of the enterprise over time, is made easy using the Radiflow Solutions.

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