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   Jun 30, 2024 | Radiflow team

Tax Policy

Radiflow regards this policy as complying with its duty with Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016. This policy applies for the financial year ending 30 April 2022. Radiflow publishes this tax strategy as part of a process of transparency with respect to the public and its stakeholders.

Tax Risk Management and Governance

At Radiflow, the CFO is responsible for managing tax risks. We regularly collaborate with external tax advisors and auditors to keep track of changes in tax legislation. We are monitoring any potential risk on a regular basis to ensure we comply in full with our legal obligations and our internal strategy. Whenever a significant risk or uncertainty occurs, we take the appropriate action or liaise with the relevant tax authority.


Tax Planning

Our company is committed to full compliance with the tax laws (and other laws as well) in all the countries where we operate. We do not engage in aggressive tax avoidance and only use strategies that comply with legal regulations and aim to mitigate as much as possible in terms of harming our reputation.


Tax Risk Level

Radiflow adopts a low-risk policy and are committed to compliance with all statutory tax obligations and disclosure requirements. We aim to make our tax filings and payments accurately and on a timely basis. This means effectively taking appropriate steps to avoid double taxation and claiming corresponding reliefs and allowances. We take a conservative approach to ensure compliance with tax legislation and conduct regular risk assessments.


Relationship with Tax Authorities

Our company maintains a transparent and cooperative relationship with HMRC and other local tax authorities. We also collaborate with external tax advisors to ensure to comply with local tax authorities’ requirements. Tax returns and other notifications are submitted timely and accurately. In case of potential disputes with tax authorities, we adopt a constructive and solution-oriented approach.

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