Unlike traditional risk management tools, Radiflow provides a unique data-driven framework to manage your OT cyber risk. The OT-BAS engine automatically simulates numerous WHAT-IF scenarios to enable ROI based optimization of your cyber-security roadmap, with multiple prioritization keys to fit the specific needs of each enterprise. Once a plan is defined the Radiflow tools provides your clear tracking and progress reporting.

Real-Time Assessment of Real-World Attack Techniques

Radiflow's OT-BAS tools enable automatic testing for existing security controls, which helps to identify issues with the efficacy of security controls and detection capabilities. The ability to run this kind of assessment with only a few hours between the initial decision and the results enables better security assessments in near real-time. BAS can speed up the assessment of new applications and critical infrastructure against real-world attack techniques. The power of continuous and repeatable testing can provide for a higher level of confidence in the defensive posture of the organization, and can be beneficial in developing security maturity. BAS should be used alongside other methods of managing security exposure, such as vulnerability scanning and prioritization, penetration testing and bug bounties. We suggest that in highly volatile environments using What-If simulation of cyber-attacks can help prioritization what to do in our next security system maintenance window, basing decisions on zone impact and threat likelihood.
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Built in Compliance Enabler

The Radiflow platform facilitates compliance with regulatory, privacy & security requirements. Designed to reflect all relevant sections in IEC 62443 and in adherence to other common EU/US/Global regulatory and security requirements, it uses a clear and structured framework for defining security requirements for different Zones based on criticality. Radiflow has long championed the IEC 62443 standard, and its solutions are recognized as strong IEC 62443 enablers.

Using the advanced SEE capabilities is the first step towards improving your cyber resiliency and building a better one

ROI-Based Reports

WHAT-IF Simulations for Mitigation Optimization

Impact Analysis of Patch Management

Security Road-Map Planning

Compliance Road-Map Planning

Security Roadmap Budget Planning


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