Awards & Affiliations

Over the years Radiflow has gained widespread recognition as innovator in industrial cybersecurity and for its groundbreaking threat detection and risk management solutions.

Here are some of the awards we have collected in the past few years and our industry affiliations.


2023 Global InfoSec Awards 
Radiflow won for Most Comprehensive OT Security and Most Innovative Risk Management.

ROI-Based Risk Management

2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Radiflow’s CIARA platform won three Excellence Awards in manufacturing, critical infrastructure security, and ICS/SCADA Security is reflective of their decade-long approach to OT security. Read more

SC Awards 2019

SC Awards Europe 2019
Radiflow was shortlisted for the 2019 SC Awards Europe, affirming Radiflow’s continued position as market leader in the OT (ICS/SCADA) cybersecurity space. Read more

451 Firestarter Award 2019
Radiflow has earned this 451 Firestarter award for its OT MSSP partner program and its offering for managed security service providers (MSSPs). Read more 


2019 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award
F&S’s award highlights the growing importance that Radiflow is playing in providing cybersecurity protection for smart building operations. Read more


2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Award
The 2020 Cybersecurity Industry Solution Award recognizes iSID as best cybersecurity solution for manufacturing by a company of 0-49 employees. Read more


2022 Product Leader
Radiflow is awarded the “2022 Product Leader” award for European OT Risk Assessment and Management for the Power Industry. Read more
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