Centralized security monitoring and risk management across the OT estate



Single-click provisioning of threat-intelligence and SNORT signatures to multiple iSIDs


Displays a consolidated view of all alerts from all iSID instances. Alerts on any iSID can be acted upon directly from i


Local and remote (Active Directory) user mgt capabilities with support for user roles and permissions


Connectivity to and from iCEN is secured and encrypted, also supports one-way iSID-to-iCEN connection to ensure isolation of the OT environment


Via iCEN, users can schedule backups of individual iSIDs and can restore data, if necessary


MSSPs can configure and manage multiple customers from the iCEN console

Multi-site industrial operators and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) require centralized monitoring and management of security posture at the enterprise level and at each region and site. From a single pane of glass, iCEN:

  • Simplifies and streamlines management of the activities of multiple instances of the iSID threat detection platform installed per site or region
  • Collects and shares cyber data between iSID and CIARA, Radiflow’s data-driven risk management platform
  • Schedules and initiates CIARA risk assessments


How It Works

Via a user-friendly, web interface, iCEN delivers a unified view of enterprise-wide and site-specific security and risk posture, including:

  • iSID and CIARA properties
  • Status and health summary
  • Assets per site categorized by type
  • Network protocols used
  • Alerts per site sorted by type and severity
  • Risk scores of each site and overall
  • Accurate prioritization of mitigation activities per site and overall
  • A wealth of enterprise, regional, and site analytics

With a click, users can dive into the results of any region or site. They can switch between geographical maps and tabular displays with convenient color-coding for quick interpretation and prioritization of activities.


Managed Detection & Response Diagram


Centralized Alert Management

From the iCEN console, security staff can act on any alert from any iSID.

User Management and Role-Based Access Control

iCEN features Local and remote (using Active Directory) user management capabilities, with support for different user roles and permissions.

MSSPs monitoring multiple organizations’ networks are able to grant permissions to iCEN operators, by organization, based on the Least Privilege principle for data security.

Secure Connections

All connectivity to and from iCEN is secured is secured and encrypted. If needed, iCEN supports a one-way iSID-to iCEN connection to ensure the isolation of OT environment from external threats.

CIARA Risk Management

From its central location (SOC, HQ, MSSP), iCEN monitors and manages the data collection activities of all the iSIDs, enriching and consolidating the data centrally. It turns that data into network images per site and overall, automatically preparing them for risk evaluation. Per-site and enterprise-wide data-driven risk evaluations run on the Radiflow CIARA platform (optional, subject to license). Results  are displayed on the iCEN console.




MSSP users are able to create and configure different organizations operating multiple instances of iSID on a single iCEN, creating a single monitoring and management system for all of their Radiflow-protected customers.

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