Identify what and who is threatening your network and learn where your network stands in terms of risk and potential impact. Radiflow's KNOW capabilities utilize our unique data-driven OT-BAS (Breach & Attack Simulation) solution to determine the network's exposure to risk, given its unique characteristics, device vulnerabilities and mitigation measures, both installed and planned. The resulting assessment reports, presented in clear business terms, provide important decision-making resources for budgeting, risk reduction planning and closing compliance gaps.

Radiflow's KNOW provides ongoing awareness of your exposure to risk and the effectiveness of your risk-reduction efforts

IEC-62443 SLA vs SLT Compliance Gaps

Adversary Relevancy, Based on Region & Sector

Breach & Attack Simulation Using Network Digital Image

Per-Zone KRIs for Risk, Threat & Control Levels

Risk Posture Score for Mitigated & Unmitigated Networks

Executive & Audit Risk & Security Reports


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