Security Brief: “A 2020 View of Industrial Cyber Security”

   Nov 27, 2019 | Radiflow team


The next 12-to-24 months will see major changes in industrial cyber security strategy. The last few years have witnessed a rise in targeted cyber attacks, along with increasing recognition from governments and the industrial sector that more must be done to protect operational systems from sustained cyber-attacks ranging from hacktivism, ransomware and state-sponsored actors.


From the regulatory side, new EU laws such as NIS and more active national regulators have aligned with high profile incidents that have spooked the industry to do more. At a time when more organisations are exploring and pursuing greater automation as well as newer technologies such as IOT and AI to gain operational benefits, the corresponding increase in connectivity and process-control software has led to a greater attack surface and elevated risk.


The following security brief contains Radiflow’s 2020 predictions for industrial cybersecurity, including:


  • Cybersecurity for manufacturing and critical infrastructure organizations
  • Globally-distributed OT networks
  • Cloud security  services for ICS/SCADA
  • Operators’ expectations from Industrial cyber security solutions
  • Risk-orientated cyber security strategies


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