Radiflow Unveils Its Latest Cybersecurity Symphony

   Feb 22, 2024 | Radiflow team

Imagine a world where the very backbone of our critical infrastructure and industrial operations is safeguarded with an impenetrable shield against cyber threats. Radiflow, a trailblazer in operational technology (OT) cybersecurity, has just created a symphony with the release of its upgraded solution portfolio. The stage is set for a riveting transformation of the realm of OT security, and here’s why you should be on the edge of your seat.

NIS2 Directive: A Driving Force

As the curtain rises on the world’s OT cybersecurity stage, the European Union’s NIS2 Directive takes center stage, demanding that essential organizations (EOs) across numerous industries fortify their cyber defenses – or else. In the confusion, Radiflow steps into the spotlight with its updated solution suite designed to help EOs comply with these stringent requirements. Upgraded cyber security? Horns. Effective incident response and reporting? Strings. Continuous risk management regime? Percussion. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about ushering in a new era of security and risk management to defend against the growing OT threat landscape and its danger to our way of life.

Deep Dive into Industrial Networks

Picture this: Radiflow’s integrated portfolio provides a backstage pass, granting Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) deep visibility into the intricate web of their industrial networks. It’s a game-changer, empowering them to not only detect and respond to a very wide range of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, but to do so with the confidence of a seasoned maestro. The result? 

  • Rapid fire detection of threats across the network, including assets and communications, all the way to Level 0 where aberrations in raw electric signals can give away the presence of a threat in the making.
  • Proactive, data-driven risk measurement with optimal utilization of the cybersecurity budget to minimize risk by maximizing the effectiveness of mitigation controls. 

Lights, camera, action! The show has just begun.

iSID – The Guardian of Industrial Realms

Enter iSID, Radiflow’s time- and industry-tested threat-detection platform. Safeguarding thousands of industrial settings, including maritime vessels, iSID has undergone an upgrade. With broad and deep network visibility and improved asset inventory management capabilities, iSID is no mere guardian; it’s a beacon of hope in the face of the onslaught of cyber threats. Alert triage improvements add lightning-fast incident-response reflexes to its arsenal, ensuring an unyielding defense.

CIARA – A Symphony of Risk Assessment

In the orchestra of cybersecurity, CIARA takes the lead. It automatically creates a digital twin of the OT network, running a multitude of security simulations that measure risks to the rhythm of business and industrial processes. The upgraded CIARA is not just a conductor of simulations; it’s a virtuoso with breakthrough capabilities for OT security planning. Imagine CISOs optimizing cybersecurity spending with the finesse of a skilled composer crafting a masterpiece.

iCEN – The Maestro’s Baton at Work

iCEN takes the stage, wielding the maestro’s baton. Centralizing the monitoring and management of multiple iSIDs across the OT estate, iCEN delivers a symphony of insights on a user-friendly console. Pulling alerts from every iSID, iCEN enables the maestro to triage and prioritize alerts with the precision of a well rehearsed symphony, responding to the important ones at any of the industrial sites. 

Orchestrating the rhythm between iSID and CIARA, iCEN directs data collected from the iSIDs toward CIARA. Ingesting the data and applying it to its carefully constructed digital twin, CIARA is ready to begin, automatically triggering another automatic, precise risk assessment. But there is more. CIARA measures mitigations against risk values and helps determine which are the most effective toward closing security gaps and making a maximum contribution to compliance. 

Allowing CIARA to complete its solo performance, iCEN brings the results back to its own risk dashboard displaying overall, per-region, per-site, and even per-zone risk assessments. 

The Grand Finale: A Cybersecurity Extravaganza

As the spotlight focuses on Radiflow’s integrated OT cybersecurity and risk management solution suite, we witness not just an upgrade but a transformation. It’s no longer just about “security” and “risk management”; it’s a mesmerizing interplay between state-of-the-art technology, experience, security budget, convenience, compliance, and necessity. 

We welcome stakeholders from across the OT security industry to enjoy the harmony of the Radiflow security and risk management solution suite. Please contact us for a personal performance of iSID, CIARA, and iCEN.

We invite you to request a demo of the Radiflow platform and learn how Radiflow can improve your overall OT-security and lower your risk of cyberattack while optimizing your cybersecurity ROI.

Radiflow Unveils Its Latest Cybersecurity Symphony

The Radiflow Platform is a finely tuned orchestra of OT security solutions

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