Key Questions a CISO Should Ask When Considering an ICS Cyber Solution

   Nov 29, 2023 | Radiflow team

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) play a crucial role in ensuring the security of an organization’s information systems, including Industrial Control Systems (ICS). When evaluating ICS cyber solutions, CISOs should consider a range of factors to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure and industrial process. 

There are many types of ICS cyber solutions. Here are general key questions that CISOs should ask:

Continuous Monitoring

  • How does the solution support continuous monitoring of the ICS environment?
  • Can it provide real-time visibility into network activity and anomalies?

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

  • How easily can the solution integrate with our current ICS architecture and other security tools?
  • Is it compatible with the protocols and systems used in our industrial environment?

Learning Our Network

  • Does the solution automatically learn our network, creating baselines and detecting anomalies?
  • Can the solution help us write rules specifically for our network and how we run our operation?

Incident Detection and Response

  • What mechanisms does the solution employ for real-time threat detection in the ICS environment?
  • How does it respond to and mitigate potential incidents?
  • Can it integrate with our SOC and other cyber tools?


  • Is the solution scalable to accommodate the growth of the ICS environment?
  • Can it handle an increasing number of sites, networks, devices, and systems?


  • How does the solution align with industry-specific regulations and standards (e.g., NIST CSF, IEC 62443, NIS-2)?
  • Can it help us demonstrate compliance with relevant cybersecurity frameworks and industry best practices?

Vendor Security

  • What security measures does the vendor have in place for their solution?
  • Have there been any security incidents or breaches related to this solution in the past?

User Authentication and Access Control

  • How does the solution manage user authentication and authorization within the ICS environment?
  • Can it enforce the principle of least privilege?

Redundancy and Resilience

  • How does the solution contribute to the redundancy and resilience of critical ICS components?
  • Is there a failover mechanism in place?
  • What about disaster recovery mechanisms?

Risk Assessment

  • What are the specific cyber risks to our ICS environment?
  • How does the solution address these specific risks?
  • Does the solution provide real-time risk assessment and threat intelligence?

Training and Awareness

  • Does the solution include training resources for ICS operators and security staff?
  • How does it contribute to building a culture of cybersecurity awareness?

Vendor Support and Updates

  • What is the vendor’s approach to providing updates and patches for the solution?
  • How long is the vendor committed to supporting the product?
  • Does the vendor offer a variety of MDR services to support our needs beyond the solution itself? 

Testing and Validation

  • Has the solution undergone independent testing or validation for its effectiveness in an ICS environment?
  • Are there case studies or references from similar organizations?

Industry Knowledge

  • Has the solution been implemented in our industry or are we the first?
  • How familiar is the vendor with the security needs of our industry?
  • Can we speak with other relevant users of the solution?

Budget and Total Cost of Ownership

  • What is the total cost of ownership over the life of the solution?
  • Are there any hidden costs or ongoing expenses that need to be considered?

Vendor Stability

  • How many years has the vendor been in the OT security business?
  • What are the vendor’s financial resources?


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By addressing these questions, CISOs can make informed decisions about selecting an ICS cyber solution that aligns with the organization’s security needs and objectives. 

Dedicated to the cyber security of critical infrastructure and industrial processes across the globe, Radiflow welcomes discussions of this type. We are dedicated to spreading effective cyber knowledge wherever we go. We want our solutions and services to provide maximum benefit to all of our customers now and in the future. Our digital way of life depends on it.  

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Key Questions a CISO Should Ask When Considering an ICS Cyber Solution

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