Partnership Opportunities in NIS2 Compliance for OT Companies

   Apr 18, 2024 | Radiflow team

The upcoming NIS2 Directive represents a significant business opportunity for system integrators and consultancies that can offer cybersecurity solutions and services to essential operational technology (OT) companies. As NIS2 requires the establishment of a standards-based cybersecurity regime and the adoption of a full-fledged risk management program, there is significant demand for:

  • Security Systems that provide the necessary technology to protect against cyber threats while meeting regulations and industry standards
  • Risk Management Systems that help organizations institute a long-term program to manage their cybersecurity risks
  • Related expertise and consulting services

The Directive is set to come into effect in October 2024. Non-compliance comes with significant penalties that OT companies are sure to want to avoid so there is a sense of urgency.  System integrators and consultancies have an immediate window of opportunity to develop and market their solutions and services to potential clients who are required to comply with the new Directive. Companies that can position themselves as experts in NIS2 compliance and/or deployers of effective solutions will gain a competitive edge in a rapidly growing market. In addition, by helping their clients avoid non-compliance penalties, system integrators and consultancies have a significant opportunity to build trust and long-term, profitable relationships.

Radiflow Solutions

Radiflow offers a comprehensive approach to NIS2 compliance with solutions tailored to meet the directive’s stringent requirements in two major areas:

OT Security

Radiflow’s iSID helps OT organizations meet NIS2’s requirements for implementation of a comprehensive cyber solution to protect critical operations and data. iSID is an industrial monitoring and threat detection solution for ICS/SCADA networks. It provides enhanced network visibility, early threat detection, and protection against cyber threats and anomalous behaviors in cyber physical system (CPS) environments.

Risk Management

Radiflow’s risk management solution, CIARA, delivers the full risk management program called for by NIS2. Speeding the risk assessment process with automatic collection of relevant data from the client’s existing security stack, CIARA evaluates risk accurately without disrupting operations. It measures gaps in security standards (e.g., IEC 62443, NIST CSF) guides the implementation of specific cybersecurity mitigation measures and optimizes cyber budgets.  

Radiflow Services

Partners can adopt one or both of the Radiflow solutions and enhance them with NIS2-compliance services that are sure to be in demand:

Cybersecurity Consultancy

OT companies are looking for experts in cybersecurity, especially those who know how to meet the NIS2 security and risk management requirements. Armed with iSID and CIARA, Radiflow partners can offer a wealth of valuable, ongoing, supplementary services, leveraging their expertise based on superior Radiflow solutions. 

Risk Management Expertise

Due to NIS2, OT operators are suddenly in need of an effective, proactive risk management program.  Some will choose to implement an on-site solution like CIARA, obtain and develop the requisite in-house expertise, and undertake their own risk management program. Others, however, will be reluctant or incapable of taking on the burden of such a demanding program.  These companies will look to outside consultancies who can implement an effective risk management solution and support it with compliance services. With CIARA, consultants can plan the risk roadmap, including budget recommendations, that will reduce risk to acceptable levels and ensure NIS2 compliance. They can also use CIARA to produce the myriad risk reports required by stakeholders, auditors, and regulators. 

Partnering with Radiflow

Partnering with Radiflow offers a range of benefits that are advantageous for system integrators and consultancies looking to enhance their security-related offerings in this new era of NIS2.  The Radiflow Partner Success Program is designed to help our partners generate significant value and establish themselves as leaders in the cybersecurity and risk management compliance spaces.

Radiflow boosts partner success with:

Synergistic Solutions

Collaborate with a world-class provider of cybersecurity and risk management solutions and services that offer clients an NIS2 compliance roadmap.

Strategic Services

Gain access to high-value strategic services, including expert cybersecurity knowledge, marketing tools, support, and product training programs.

Technical Support

Receive comprehensive technical support, including web tutorials, dedicated support engineers, and access to Not-For-Resale (NFR) software licenses for educational and demonstration purposes.

Marketing Support

Benefit from co-branded marketing resources, product datasheets, email templates, PowerPoint presentations, and promotional videos to effectively reach target markets.

Product Expertise

Maintain up-to-date knowledge on the latest developments through regular training sessions, ensuring Radiflow certification and expertise in implementing critical OT security and risk management projects.

Let’s Work Together

Radiflow partners can exploit NIS2 opportunities to sell easier and sell more with new services, new verticals, and broader solutions (for example, MSSPs that are looking to enter the OT market).

We encourage prospective partners to take advantage of the significant opportunities now presented by NIS2. Contact us to learn more. 

Partnership Opportunities in NIS2 Compliance for OT Companies

Radiflow presents profitable partnering opportunities in NIS2 compliance for OT essential and important entities. Now’s the time!

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