Elevating Strategic Partner Growth with Radiflow’s New Partner Success Portal

   Feb 15, 2024 | Yossi (Konstantin) Tarnopolsky, Director of Technology Alliances, Radiflow

In the dynamic world of OT cybersecurity, Radiflow is dedicated to giving its partners the best tools, resources, and support. To this end, we are excited to unveil the Radiflow Partner Success Portal, an innovative, easy-to-use, web-based platform that boosts our partners in their product knowledge as well as sales and management efforts.

A Comprehensive Tool for Partner Empowerment

The Radiflow Partner Success Portal strengthens our commitment to partner success. We have carefully developed the portal to focus on the vital areas of: Awareness, Enablement, and Opportunity Support to make sure our partners are ready and able to succeed in the competitive OT cybersecurity market.

  1. Awareness: Keeping Partners Informed and Prepared
    The portal is a one-stop-shop for the latest updates on Radiflow solutions, partner news, and industry insights. The continuous flow of information keeps partners up to date on happenings in the industry, giving them a keen edge over competitors. Frequent updates and insights help partners understand market trends, enabling them to adjust their strategies quickly and effectively.
  2. Enablement: Building Expertise and Confidence
    Radiflow Academy offers a self-guided learning path with sales training and technical certification programs on Radiflow’s Threat Monitoring and Risk Management solutions. The programs enable partners to gain a deep understanding of Radiflow solutions, helping them sell with confidence.  The effective training materials are especially important during the first steps of the sales cycle where understanding the product and its position in the market is key.
  3. Deal Support: The Journey to Making Sales
    The Sales Space in the portal stores a lot of helpful resources like sales playbooks, PoC guidelines, documents, and an easy Deal Registration process. These resources guide partners in every aspect of the sales cycle, from finding prospects to successfully closing deals. In the midst of the sales cycle where negotiating and deal-closing are paramount, these resources are essential for making winning presentations and proposals.

Enhanced Marketing and Technical Resources

Besides support for these three main areas, the portal also offers a large repository of marketing resources like brand guidelines, company presentations, white papers, case studies, and datasheets. These materials are very important for creating strong marketing strategies and making presentations that connect with customers. Post-sales, contributing to customer retention and upselling, these marketing resources demonstrate increasing value to maintain customer interest.

Cultivating Collaboration – Building a Community

The Radiflow Partner Success Portal is the basis for building a strong, long-term, and collaborative partner community. The interactive activities, like the Partner Community Center, support ticketing, and feedback forms generate the environment for open conversation and ongoing engagement. Community is important before, during, and after the sale, providing a comfortable place for sharing best practices and success stories, and contributing to effective sales strategies among peers.

Adapting to the Future: A Forward-Looking Approach

Delivering critical knowledge on how the OT cybersecurity world is changing, the Radiflow Partner Success Portal grows with and adapts to the market. Regular updates, based on partner feedback and industry trends, make the portal the go-to environment for partners. Our forward-looking approach helps our partners stay a step ahead in a field where technology, regulations, and threats evolve quickly.

Join Us

The Radiflow Partner Success Portal demonstrates our strong commitment to our partners. We intend to go way beyond support for sales; we intend to build strong, lasting, and profitable partnerships.

As we begin our journey of growing and reaching the highest level of excellence together as a community, we invite you to join us in exploring the tremendous potential of the Radiflow Partner Success Portal. Together, we will achieve new standards of success in the OT cybersecurity industry.

Register here, if you are an existing Radiflow partner or contact us at: partner_portal@radiflow.com

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