COPA-DATA & Radiflow

Enhance SCADA system & asset management and improve risk scoring and OT network visibility

Cyber-securing OT networks, that have become prime targets to cyber-attacks in recent years, and managing complex industrial automation operations, both require full visibility and easy access to each and every asset on the industrial network, for reviewing risk and operational status, setting automation procedures, provisioning assets and more.


Now, COPA-DATA and Radiflow offer a bi-directional integrated solution for enhancing the functionality of both the zenon SCADA Management Platform, implemented in many industries to provide ergonomic and highly dynamic production and process optimization, and the iSID Industrial Threat Detection and Monitoring system, by correlating engineering/automation and cyber-defense data, all accessible through highly-customizable HMIs.


zenon complies with the defined requirements of ISO 50001:2011 and can enable compoliance with the ISO 50001 certification.


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zenon is a software platform that makes the engineering and automated operation of manufacturing and infrastructure equipment incredibly easy.


zenon enables SCADA operators to collect asset information from heterogeneous hardware arrays, linking and comparing data from multiple assets, visualizing the SCADA network and easily engineer automation solutions. zenon can also be used as an Energy Management System (EMS).


zenon provides OT operators with a extensive toolset for managing the entire SCADA process. As zenon is a Process Control System (PCS), users are able to customize the visualization of the industrial network, create reports for any operational aspect, record and analyze automation processes, facilitate maintenance operations, and much more.






iSID provides superior threat detection and monitoring of abnormalities and changes in the network, as well as complete visibility of all networked assets, ports and protocols, based on self-learning of the OT network through passive scanning of all data transactions.


By continuously analyzing all data traffic, iSID can detect and alert against abnormal activity such as changes in the sequence of the industrial automation process, unauthorized network access and asset changes.


Furthermore, iSID’s advanced attack vector analysis and business process risk scoring capabilities allow users to continually improve their cyber security capabilities in protection, monitoring and mitigation procedures, and optimizing the operator’s investment in cybersecurity.






Asset Enrichment

  • Purpose: optimization of threat mitigation through improved asset risk scoring
  • Asset configuration data sent to iSID from zenon is used to add context (device name, operational function, business process) and improve the accuracy of iSID’s risk scoring algorithm, which defines which devices are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks and assists the user in prioritizing and taking the most cost-effective mitigation steps.

Security Visibility

  • Purpose: Single interface for improving response to security alerts and reducing operational complexity
  • Alerts relayed from iSID to zenon are displayed directly on the zenon HMI, leveraging the existing SCADA management interface to create a single-pane interface for operations and security.
  • By introducing security information into the operational system, the combined interface is able to improve response time to events and saves the need to set up a dedicated OT SOC or create a custom IT/OT integration.





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