TechRound: Understanding Today’s Rapidly Changing OT Cybersecurity Landscape with Radiflow CEO, Ilan Barda

   Sep 23, 2021 | Radiflow team

UK-based TechRound sat recently with Radiflow CEO Ilan Barda to discuss the evolution of Radiflow, it’s dedication to focus solely on industrial cybersecurity and risk management, and his plans for Radiflow’s future.


On the decision to found Radiflow:
“In 2010, OT facilities began digitally connecting devices in an effort to streamline operations. I created Radiflow to assist facility managers in bridging the gap between these new technologies and legacy devices. This gave companies an easy way to introduce automation to their production lines and handle the challenges that came with integrating software from each vendor.”


“In 2016 it quickly became apparent that there were critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities that were being created when layering vendor software. Hence, we decided to pivot our R&D efforts and address this emerging gap with our portfolio of OT security protection & detection tools.”


On developing the CIARA industrial risk assessment & management platform:
“facilities and supply chains must operate around the clock to remain profitable, leaving no time to go off-line and conduct a proper threat analysis… That’s why we created CIARA, a platform that automatically maps OT networks, including multiple facilities and supply chains, then creates a mirror simulation environment. As a result, cybersecurity teams can now conduct Operational Technology Breach Attack Simulations (OT-BAS), identifying entry points, addressing network vulnerabilities, and mitigating against future attacks.”


On Radiflow’s future:
“We will continue to leverage the experience gained in our deployments so far to properly secure industrial networks in a way that takes all aspects of business into account. Our ongoing involvement in the industry means we’ll be keeping an eye on how our products are deployed, allowing industry feedback to help guide us in our evolution.”



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