Securicon endorses the 3180 Security Gateway as a NERC CIP enabler

   Jun 11, 2018 | Radiflow team

Alexandria, VA-based Seuricon originated from the U.S. DoD, Intel Community, Federal government and corporate pioneers. The company leverages its ICS and Critical Infrastructure experience to help their federal and utility customers manage their OT risks in a cost-effective way by serving as their trusted adviser and operating as an extension of their internal information & cyber security teams.


Between January and April 2018, Securicon experts conducted a series of tests on the Radiflow 3180 Gateway. The testing examined the device from the perspective of the security of the device itself, its reliability and integrity in an operational context, and its ability to act as a “NERC CIP Enablement Device”.


As an access point into an Electronic Security Perimeter (ESP), Securicon found that the Radiflow 3180 indeed provided the functionality and integrity that one would expect from an ESP Access Point.


The 3180 provides a proxy function for accessing devices inside the ESP. This function enables non?compliant devices to be accessed in a secure and compliant manner.


Read full letter from Securicon (PDF)

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