Radiflow’s New CIARA Release Revolutionizes Cybersecurity with OT Risk Platform

   Aug 23, 2021 | Radiflow team

Recognized by Gartner as a Leading Vendor in the innovative Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) risk management category, Radiflow’s ROI-driven OT risk assessment and management platform offers multi-site prioritization based on attack simulations, keeping teams better protected and within budget.


Tel Aviv, August 23, 2021Radiflow, a trusted provider of Cyber-Security Solutions for critical business operations, announces a revolutionary new enterprise-level risk management system for OT facilities that allows CISOs to view all their sites on one dashboard. This latest release also offers a first-of-its-kind, non-intrusive breach attack simulator that takes into account the business importance of each site so the CISO can find the most vulnerable points on their industrial automation networks across all their sites, allowing them to practice the most effective mitigation tools.


OT facilities and production sites don’t have the capability to temporarily shut down operations for CISOs to run simulated attacks since it may take days to stop and then restart operations entirely. The latest release of CIARA (Cyber Industrial Automated Risk Analysis Platform) allows for a digital twin of multiple facilities to be created on the same UI in order for security and risk teams to execute OT-BAS (Breach & Attack Simulations) in a global enterprise view. This takes the guesswork out of OT by letting teams anticipate the impact of potential threats via simulations of known attacks from a continuously updated global database. They can then simulate WHAT-IF scenarios of mitigations to decide which course of action would be most suitable in light of the changes in the threat landscape.


While this has been a common practice to prepare for attacks in the IT world through twin-network simulations, it is the first time that an OT environment can benefit from this proven strategy. “CIARA is now a central environment where CISOs can evaluate proven security techniques against the latest threats without tampering with their existing network”, said Ilan Barda, Founder & CEO of Radiflow. “Utilizing the revolutionary all-in-one dashboard to keep an eye on all global operations is a critical step to preventing any cyber attack on vital OT facilities.”


Radiflow’s newest CIARA software release was recognized as a vendor in the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) risk management category, which is in the Innovation Trigger of the Gartner® report titled, “Hype Cycle™ for Cyber and IT Risk Management”, 2021. Since its release, CIARA has earned acclaim for its capabilities in providing a data-driven approach to OT Security, especially following multiple major OT attacks, such as on the Colonial Pipeline and JBS.


The ability to configure business importance for each site and benchmark top sites in a central dashboard while allowing site managers to view their individual risk posture and optimize their security roadmap, is a major step in securing potential vulnerabilities across multiple facilities. Allowing CISOs to continuously monitor and simulate vulnerabilities, based on recent attacks that have been attempted in their industry or location, has a significant impact on the quality of OT monitoring, without slowing down or stopping critical infrastructure.



About Radiflow
Radiflow is an OT Cyber Security company that has unique tools to secure digital assets for the long term. They work directly with Managed Security Service Providers to oversee the discovery and management of all relevant data security points. Their unique pinpoint approach brings the businesses’ team into the fold, trading the industry’s one-size-fits-all approach for a calculated, focused, and secured system without inhibiting communication or productivity. With offices in Europe and the US, Radiflow’s solution is installed in over 5000 sites around the globe.

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