Radiflow joins industrial cyber-security consortium set up by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to defend critical Israeli infrastructure

   Jun 07, 2021 | Radiflow team

Rafael has announced on June 1 at the GISEC Global 2021 Cyber Security Expo in Dubai that Radiflow, among a handful other OT cyber-security leaders, will be part of a new consortium it had set up to provide solutions for cyber-protecting crucial Israeli infrastructure, especially from state and independent rogue actors.


The announcement cited a recent Iranian attack against Israel’s water system as “part of a wave of attacks and one of the reasons that the consortium was formed”.


The Rafael-lead Cyber OT Consortium will include also a variety of companies which already provide battle-proven solutions using a wide range of complementary technologies: IEC, Tashan, Waterfall Security, Trapx, MobileGroup, CyberPro, XMCyber, Cervello and Cynerio. The partner companies were carefully selected, following a lengthy assessment of their experience, track record, added value and technological advantages.


Within the consortium Radiflow will bring to the table its expertise and leadership in OT threat detection and monitoring, threat intelligence-based breach and attack simulation (BAS), industrial risk assessment and optimization of cybersecurity operations.



Read the announcement at GISEC 2021

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