Radiflow Expands US Operations to Meet Biden’s Infrastructure Cybersecurity Focus

   Jan 25, 2022 | Radiflow team

The US government has taken an active approach towards OT cybersecurity. “America’s OT facilities and supply chains are continuously in motion. Proper OT security measures need to recognize this fluid motion and support it,” said Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow.


Tel Aviv, January 24, 2022– Over the last year, cybersecurity bills and executive orders have gone through the oval office, creating a unique window of opportunity for security leadership to update their cybersecurity infrastructure. Radiflow, creators of the CIARA platform, are scaling up capabilities to help US-based facility and supply chain security teams to perform safe, non-disruptive security audits, and OT-BAS (Breach & Attack Simulations) for stakeholders and asset owners.


In 2021, the Biden administration focused on securing traditional infrastructures, such as rail, water, energy, and others , with an emphasis on cybersecurity development and education. National state attacks are not the only problem. Random non-targeted attacks can have significant consequences, such as if a town’s water or waste supply is tampered with, potentially poisoning thousands of people. New solutions that can map the perimeter, finding weak points, and evaluating the impact of each vulnerability that can be exploited by an attacker or criminal organization.


Radiflow is already working in North America with municipalities and utility companies to meet today’s cyber demands. “Legacy systems, are added to OT networks in a complicated multi-layered mesh,” said Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow, an OT cybersecurity company that is the first to offer multi-facility OT protection via their CIARA platform. “OT facilities and supply chains are continuously in motion. Proper OT security measures need to recognize this fluid motion and support it, not hinder it.”


A shift in strategic needs for organizations has put OT cybersecurity projects before compliance needs. To meet this growing shift, Radiflow brought on James Cabe as their Principal Consulting Engineer. “Securing facilities and supply chains help companies avoid unnecessary downtime and unforeseen bottlenecks at all stages, from production to consumer delivery,” said Cabe. “CIARA works with municipalities, power stations, renewable energy sites, and others to maximize the cybersecurity team’s resources by assessing what the financial and operational impact would be for each piece of equipment.”


James’ experience with companies such as CyberX, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2019, private vCISO consulting, and other development work to mitigate security issues in critical infrastructure convinced him to implement Radiflow’s CIARA across industries. This is changing the way facilities mitigate and react to increasingly sophisticated attacks.


OT presents a unique attack surface with sometimes immediate physical impact. While recent years have shown us the willingness of hackers to attack critical infrastructure operations, Radiflow is enabling companies to mitigate and address attacks that directly without interrupting the quality of their operations.

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