Water & Wastewater

Water and wastewater systems are typically slow to adapt new technologies. Many facilities use devices that were never designed for networked operation, and so don’t have adequate cyber-protection.
Understanding the interplay between devices and business processes is a key factor in calculating risk.
Radiflow offers OT security solutions for different types and sizes of installations, from local gateways at remote pumping stations to intrusion detection solutions at major facilities.

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An Attack Could Cause Catastrophic Disruptions

An attack on a region’s fresh water supply system could residents without a safe and reliable water supply, and in the case of wastewater, widespread contamination.


Securing Public Water Systems


Remote access to water systems’ ICSs often make up major vulnerabilities, as they could serve as breach entry points for hackers. What’s worse, exploiting ICSs’ remote access capability can be trivially easy, even for an unsophisticated hacker.

Securing a public water system doesn’t happen overnight. It is a phased transition, which needs to start with a thorough ICS security assessment, which includes an inventory of ICS hardware and software components and an ICS risk assessment to determine the most critical and vulnerable components.

Defining Steps To Water System Security

Based on the results of the ICS security risk assessment, a hardening plan is drafted, with a prioritized list of mitigation measures toward strengthening and optimizing OT security. These actions may address physical facility access security as well as the security of the data network, databases, applications, and the remote access control system. Radiflow specializes in cybersecurity for industrial control systems. We offer a variety of products and services, as well as industry-specific expertise, for protecting water and wastewater treatment facilities

Long-Term Security Management

Attackers can disable the entire system leaving residents without a safe and reliable water supply. ICS systems and the hardware
components they control may be exposed to cyber threats.

Ongoing Monitoring


Security assessments provide a snapshot of the threat environment and the risk posture at the time of the assessment. With the never-ending introduction of new threats, and as the network device mix changes, it’s important to run risk assessments on a regular basis, in addition to monitoring abnormal network activity as an indicator of breach attempts. Monitoring can be done in-house, or, for companies unable to maintain a full-fledged security department, at a managed security services provider’s (OT-MSSP) SOC.

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