ManuSec Europe 2022. March 22– 23rd

   Mar 22, 2022 | Radiflow team

ManuSec Europe // 22nd – 23rd March 2022 // Munich, Germany



ManuSec Europe explores solutions to the widening array of cyber threats jeopardizing European manufacturers as they increasingly embrace technological innovations. A senior delegation of 150+ manufacturing and cyber security leaders from across Europe explore strategies and best practices for protecting industrial networks, promoting organizational alignment as support for IT/OT convergence and establishing a roadmap for cyber security of safety-critical systems to define the practical steps needed to protect their key assets from cyber threats.


This year, Radiflow will be speaking at ManuSec about the sharp increase in the number of attacks on industrial networks. As such CISOs can no longer use an annual risk assessment to prioritize their security plans. In this session we will describe how continuous risk management methodology can be used to assess new threats as they emerge. The CISO can use this methodology to evaluate the relevance of the attack tactics to its facilities and proactively adjust the security plans. We will then describe how breach attack simulation on an offline digital image can be used to perform such continuous risk management in industrial networks. We will conclude with an analysis of a recent attack and how it changed the security plans of a specific industrial enterprise.

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