Vulnerabilities in the Delta Electronics OT Monitoring Product: Implications for Industrial Cybersecurity

   Jan 15, 2024 | Nurettin Erginoz, CTO, Radiflow

A recent disclosure has brought to light critical vulnerabilities within Delta Electronics’ InfraSuite Device Master, a widely used operational technology (OT) monitoring product. These vulnerabilities not only compromise data integrity but also enable malicious actors to conceal their activities. This analysis provides a professional overview of the key insights surrounding this cybersecurity threat and what to do about it.

About the Implicated Product

Delta’s InfraSuite Device Master is a data center facility monitoring software product designed for real-time oversight of critical devices that govern power and cooling systems and building sensors along with industrial control systems (ICS) such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and power meters. Unfortunately, critical vulnerabilities have been identified, posing potential security challenges.


In late November, advisories from the US cybersecurity agency CISA, and Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) highlighted four vulnerabilities in InfraSuite Device Master. Two deemed ‘critical severity’ allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary code. Two additional ‘high severity’ vulnerabilities enable remote code execution and the acquisition of sensitive information.

CVE-2023-47207, the critical vulnerability highlighted by ZDI’s Dustin Childs, is exploitable via the internet, granting administrative privileges to the attacker. This could compromise InfraSuite Device Master, allowing attackers to conceal critical alerts from security analysts in real-world scenarios.

Damages – Potential and Real

Through his analysis, Childs presented a disconcerting scenario where threat actors can exploit these vulnerabilities to compromise the monitoring product itself, obscuring important alerts from operators. Analogous to pernicious cyberattacks like Stuxnet, this situation underscores the profound threat posed by such vulnerabilities.

Reports substantiate the targeting of Delta Electronics’ product vulnerabilities by malicious actors, emphasizing the imperative for expedited remediation by organizations to mitigate risks to the integrity of their industrial systems.

What You Must Do

The urgency of the critical vulnerabilities within Delta’s InfraSuite Device Master demands attention from organizations reliant on OT systems. These vulnerabilities, with their potential to obfuscate destructive activities, present an existential risk to critical infrastructure. Prudent measures, including patching, enhanced cybersecurity protocols, and proactive monitoring, are immediately necessary to mitigate the risk of attack.

In an era marked by dynamic digital evolution, proactive anticipation and mitigation of potential threats remain paramount for the preservation of the integrity of industrial environments. Dissemination of this information is urged to foster awareness and galvanize the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures across cyber communities. 


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Vulnerabilities in the Delta Electronics OT Monitoring Product

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