Securing a Large-Scale Power Plant in Central Europe

   Apr 20, 2020 | Radiflow team

When you think of critical infrastructure, the first thing that comes to mind is power generation, where a single cyber attack has the potential to disrupt all areas of civil life.


The tender issued by the Central European power generation operator specified securing and monitoring the production turbine operations in a 3,000-MW coal-based, multi-turbine power plant, where each turbine (as well as other industrial processes) was to be secured individually for intrusion detection as well as for control and maintenance operations.


Radiflow’s solution consisted of the company’s iSID Industrial Threat/Intrusion Detection system, iSAP Smart Collectors and the APA-equipped iSEG-3180 DPI Firewall/Secure Gateway.


At current the project has been greenlighted for expansion, including securing peripheral networks in this power plant and securing additional power plants operated by the same utility.


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Securing a Large-Scale Power Plant in Central Europe

Typical production turbine used in large-scale power plants. The project described called for each turbine to be secured individually.​

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