Radiflow launches iSID 5.7 with improved ICS/IoT asset identification and threat prioritization

   Jun 16, 2020 | Radiflow team

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iSID v5.7 release marks the biggest update to the platform and includes over a dozen improvements. These include automatic asset identification, threats prioritization using dynamic risk calculation and refined Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) across an expanded suite of OT protocols.


Another major area of improvement is deeper third-party integration. In an industry first, Radiflow iSID will integrate with COPA-DATA zenon, a software platform for the automated operation of manufacturing and infrastructure equipment, installed at 175,000 locations in over 50 countries.


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The bi-directional integrated solution enhances the functionality of both the zenon SCADA Management Platform, and the iSID Industrial Threat Detection and Monitoring system, by correlating engineering, automation and cyber-defence data, all accessible through highly-customisable HMIs to create a “single-pane” interface for both operations and security.


Radiflow iSID Industrial Detection Platform version 5.7 is available as an upgrade to all existing customers. Radiflow will be presenting a guest lecture on the topic of third-party security integration at the upcoming Copa-Data zenonIZE-20, online conference on Wednesday June 17 @14:40 – 15:40 CES (BST+1).


Read the press release for the new version launch.

iSID 5.7

The new iSID v5.7 was designed to enhance operational asset management and streamline analyst workflow to strengthen the security posture of its customers.

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