Radiflow has been acknowledged in Forrester’s recent report: The Operational Technology Security Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024

   Mar 07, 2024 | Michael Langer, Chief Product Officer, Radiflow

Critical infrastructure and industrial automation operators use operational technology (OT) security and risk management solutions to reduce the risk of cyberattacks, increase operational resiliency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Gone are the days when OT environments were protected by air-gapping; they could rely exclusively on physical and mechanical security and safety measures or isolated computer systems for protection. Threat actors found it more practical and economical to target commercial, off-the-shelf IT systems rather than the proprietary protocols used in OT. Times have changed. Cybersecurity has become a critical element of a holistic security strategy encompassing interconnected OT systems and processes. Criminal groups and hacktivists are now exploiting the adoption of standard operating systems and protocols coupled with increased access points into vulnerable OT systems.

Addressing OT security solutions vendors for Security and Risk professionals, Forrester offers guidance that will reduce the risk of cyberattacks on OT infrastructure, including legacy and modern IIoT devices with the goals of:

    • Increased operational resiliency. As disruptions to industrial operations are costly, the negative impact to the companies and people relying on their service is critical. Products that arrive at industrial sites incomplete security-wise. Embedded vulnerabilities can be exploited, halting operations and harming safety. Once infected, IACS networks might have to be shut down, patched, and restarted, at a severe disruption and exorbitant cost.
    • Proactive, accurate, and frequent risk assessments as part of a continuous risk management program.
    • Mandatory compliance. International, national, and industry bodies are becoming increasingly aware of the critical role OT security plays in maintaining our modern way of life. On every continent, they are passing legislation now governing millions of companies, forcing them to adhere to security regulations and compliance standards. Non-compliance is increasingly being punished with costly penalties, firing of responsible employees, and public disclosure.

Forrester’s report mentions 31 vendors that address some or all of the OT security use cases. Core use cases include asset discovery and identification and threat and anomaly detection. Forrester also listed risk posture management among extended use cases.

Download Forrester’s OT Security Solutions Landscape Report

Here’s how we address the aforementioned use cases:

    • Asset discovery and identification for creating a comprehensive database of all devices and systems, including configurations and settings. Radiflow Active Scanner automatically queries devices on the network to build the asset database.
    • Threat and anomaly detection that identifies and prioritizes potential cyber threats and deviations for expected behavior. Radiflow iSID provides on-site or remote threat detection, learning normal behavior and then policing it.
    • Risk posture management that identifies, assesses, prioritizes, and mitigates device and system risks to ensure operational resiliency and safety. Radiflow’s data-driven CIARA ingests data from iSID, Active Scanner, and 3rd-party systems, enabling frequent, prompt, and accurate risk assessments and compliance with requirements like NIS2 Directive.

There are other use cases and we recommend obtaining the report to learn the entire scope.

Download Forrester’s OT Security Solutions Landscape Report and fortify your defenses against evolving cyber threats.

Contact Radiflow to find out how our solutions can safeguard your operations, minimize risk, and put you in consistent compliance with emerging regulations.

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