Radiflow and Cyolo Integrate a Seamless, Holistic OT Cyber Solution

   Oct 19, 2023 | Radiflow team

Automatic threat detection is vital for securing critical infrastructure and ICS networks. Promptly spotting anomalies which might be indicators of compromise enables security staff to protect operations by rapidly responding to a wide array of threats.

Radiflow’s iSID threat detection solution passively monitors the ICS network and discovers all the OT assets. Monitoring network communications between devices, iSID automatically learns how and what they communicate. It creates models of normal behavior. Upon noticing any deviations from the norm operation, iSID alerts the security team so that they can quickly investigate and diagnose the situation, minimize any damage, and maintain /restore normal operations.

However, there is another type of attack vector that increasingly threatens manufacturing and other operations: identity-based attacks. An identity-based attack occurs when an attacker steals or assumes someone else’s identity to gain unauthorized access to systems or sensitive information. Not only outsiders who have acquired compromised credentials, but even malicious insiders can cause a great deal of damage to equipment, products, and smooth operations.

Cyolo’s Identity-Based access solution helps OT organizations stay secure from identity-based attacks. With Cyolo in place, operators can enable users – employees, third parties, and remote and on-site workers – to connect to their work environments seamlessly and securely via modern identity-based authentication. Cyolo contains user and application data within the organization’s boundary unlike other cloud or managed service providers where customer information is available outside.

Truly Integrated Cybersecurity Solution

Keeping intruders out is the first order of business. But once they are in, their activities have to be detected right away and blocked before they can do harm. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that added significant value by seamlessly combining threat detection and identity control in a holistic security solution?

Now there is.

Radiflow and Cyolo have integrated their leading platforms to combine advanced threat and vulnerability detection with Identity Based Access Control, delivering a seamless, comprehensive solution.

The major benefits for OT operators are four-fold:

(1) Secure Connections: Cyolo’s advanced Identity Based access solution secures all connections to Radiflow’s industrial cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that only authorized personnel may gain access to the security platforms.

(2) Controlled and Monitored Access: Cyolo automatically validates all user connections, limiting access to operational networks and systems to trusted entities such as authorized employees and third-party vendors. At the same time, Radiflow continuously monitors the network for unauthorized access, rogue behavior, and other cyberthreats, immediately detecting and alerting on suspicious behavior.

(3) Rapid Response: The integrated solution allows operators to rapidly block unauthorized / unrecognized sessions and sources of malicious traffic while swiftly containing malware and malicious activities.

(4) Compliance: The Radiflow and Cyolo platforms maintain detailed logs of network activities and security events. The logs are used for incident response, post-incident analysis, and compliance reporting.

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Dive into the seamless integration of Radiflow and Cyolo for an enhanced OT cyber solution.

Interested OT organizations should contact Radiflow to find out how the integrated solution can quickly boost their security posture.

Radiflow and Cyolo Integrate a Seamless, Holistic OT Cyber Solution

Seamless threat detection and identity-based access control in one holistic solution

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