In the aftermath of the Oldsmar Water Attack: using an OT-MSSP as a viable replacement for an in-house cybersecurity department

   Feb 25, 2021 | Radiflow team

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Over the past two weeks there have been many articles/blogs written about the Oldsmar water attack, and several warn that it is inevitable that more are on the way for such unprotected targets and they better prepare.


Two issues are frequently mentioned as challenges to these municipal operators of critical infrastructure:


  1. The lack of funding for an adequate cybersecurity program, and,
  2. The shortage of cybersecurity personnel trained in protecting Industrial Control Systems.

I am proud to share that Radiflow has teamed up with MSSP partner InfoSight to provide a solution that helps water utilities address both of those challenges.


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First, by offering an extremely cost-effective cybersecurity assessment that will identify the greatest vulnerabilities and where the utility will get the greatest ROI on mitigations, including areas that require little or no capital investment like matters of policies and procedures, or closing open ports. And beyond addressing critical first steps to take, the assessment will also help municipalities plan a roadmap for budgeting future improvements.


Secondly, InfoSight has put together a package for monitoring the industrial control systems for utilities looking to take the next step. This program has been designed to provide small to mid-size municipalities/coops affordable monitoring by a team of OT Cybersecurity professionals with state-of-the-art Intrusion Detection Software.


These same solutions that have been protecting utilities across the US are now scaled to provide an affordable option for protecting critical infrastructure at smaller and mid-size facilities as well.


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Managed security services providers (OT-MSSPs) make up a viable option for industrial automation organizations (such as the recently-hacked Oldsmar, Florida water treatment facility) to adequately protect their OT networks despite budgetary and/or personnel constraints.

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