Automatic Asset Discovery and Data Enrichment for ICS Networks

   Nov 05, 2023 | Radiflow team

Automatic asset discovery and data enrichment are critical components for securing Industrial Control System (ICS) networks. iSID, Radiflow’s flagship Visibility and Anomaly Detection platform, automatically and passively (no effect on operations) discovers all assets and learns their behavior. It collects asset and behavior data, contextualizes it, and puts it to work for many critical security purposes.


ICS networks often contain a wide variety of systems and devices including legacy ones that may not be well-documented or monitored. iSID scans the network to identify all connected devices, including those that might not be readily visible, and creates a comprehensive inventory of assets, helping security teams understand what is connected to the network.

Data Enrichment

iSID enhances asset information with additional context such as information about an asset’s location, purpose, and criticality. Enriched data helps in making informed decisions and prioritizing security measures.

Asset Management

Assets must be managed. Automatic discovery helps in keeping an up-to-date inventory of assets, critical for maintenance, replacement planning, and ensuring that all devices are running the latest security patches.

Vulnerability Assessment

Knowing all the assets in the ICS network is crucial for conducting vulnerability assessments. Asset discovery allows for the identification of potential vulnerabilities in both hardware and software, which can then be addressed to reduce the attack surface.

Anomaly Detection

Asset discovery helps the security effort by setting up baseline profiles for normal network behavior. iSID notices any deviation from this baseline. It triggers alerts on potential security incidents, aiding in early threat detection.

Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, iSID provides real-time visibility into the network’s state. This helps incident response teams quickly identify affected assets, contain the breach, and mitigate damage.

Compliance and Reporting

Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements for asset management and security. Asset discovery and data enrichment assist in meeting these compliance requirements by providing an accurate audit trail and documentation.

Third-Party Integration

iSID can integrate with other security tools, such SIEMs (Security Information and Event Management) solutions, enhancing the overall security posture of the ICS network.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

By continuously monitoring and discovering assets, iSID detects unauthorized devices and connections quickly. This proactive approach can prevent attackers from gaining a foothold in the network.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Understanding the lifecycle of assets, including their procurement, deployment, and decommissioning, is essential for managing security effectively. iSID tracks assets throughout their lifecycle.

Risk Assessment

By knowing the assets and their associated risks, organizations can conduct effective risk assessments. CIARA, Radiflow’s risk management platform, further enriches the data about discovered assets and determines the potential business impact of a compromise per asset. CIARA helps security teams prioritize their efforts and their cybersecurity spend. 


Asset discovery and data enrichment are essential practices for securing ICS networks. They provide the necessary visibility, context, and control to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats, ensuring reliability, safety, and compliance.

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Automatic asset discovery and data enrichment

Discovering assets and learning their activities boosts the security of ICS networks

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