AnyDesk Breach: Addressing Risks of Remote Access Software in OT Environments

   Feb 11, 2024 | Beni Yellin, Cyber Research Analyst

The recent cyberattack on AnyDesk, a widely used remote access solution, highlights the critical importance of securing remote access solutions within OT environments. It’s important to note that remote access software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer is commonly used in OT environments, much like in IT environments, for remote work and support.

During the breach, the attackers successfully infiltrated AnyDesk’s production systems, extracting sensitive source code and private code signing keys. This breach poses significant risks, as it enables malicious actors to potentially create harmful versions of the software embedded with backdoors and other vulnerabilities.

In response to the attack, AnyDesk swiftly released a new iteration, AnyDesk 8.0.8, implementing a new code-signing certificate. This proactive measure aims to prevent the exploitation of compromised code.

The AnyDesk breach serves as a reminder of the inherent threats associated with using remote access software in OT environments, highlighting the urgent need for asset owners and operators to prioritize cybersecurity measures. This includes enhanced monitoring of access controls, implementing timely software updates and limiting the usage of remote access solutions. By carefully managing the deployment and usage of these tools, organizations can minimize their exposure to potential vulnerabilities and strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture. Enhancing security protocols in this manner is imperative to ensure the safe and secure utilization of remote-access solutions within OT environments.

AnyDesk Breach

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