Tech-Sales engineer (Israel)

We are looking for a Tech-Sales engineer (Israel) to join our team!

   May 18, 2022 | Radiflow team


  1. Participate in pre/post sales process to understand customer environment and requirements.
  2. Deliver and execute Proof of Concept deployments, management & troubleshooting/support.
  3. Prepare technological documentation to potential customers such as proposals, statements of work.
  4. Engage with product management and development teams in order to provide feedback from customers
  5. Prepare various customer-faced materials and conduct training, support during conferences and trade shows.



  1. 2+ years’ experience in cyber security domain – must
  2. 3+ years’ experience in a pre-sales/customer support/consulting position – preferred
  3. Hands-on technical experience is a must – TCP/IP, Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and architecture, fluent in Linux environment and virtual management systems.
  4. Cyber security risk management methodologies & knowledge is a plus.
  5. Cloud-based knowledge is a plus.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, good interpersonal and service-oriented attitude, proven team-player, motivated and self-learner.
  7. Suitable to fast-paced startup environment and culture


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