Security analyst (UK)

We are looking for a Security Analyst in UK to join our team!

   May 18, 2022 | Radiflow team


  1. Performing cyber security risk assessments and write reports based on Radiflow technology and products
  2. Onboarding Radiflow partners and customers to CIARA and ISID solutions
  3. Visit of customers and provide analytic services based on Radiflow products
  4. Assistance to customers and MSSPs to write playbooks, SOP’ in order to prepare to cyber incidents
  5. Define requirements to Radiflow products and technology in favor of MSSP requirements and trends (cyber threat intelligence, SIEM integration, interface to TI companies, etc..)
  6. Promoting services offering to customers and partners in the domains of Risk assessment, OT SOC onboarding, by conducting presentations, participating in events and shows, OT security training, etc.



  1. 3+ years’ experience in a cyber-security domain – e.g. network security implementation, SOC analytics, etc – must.
  2. Network architecture and security, Linux and Virtual environments knowledge – is a must.
  3. Malware research and analysis – much of advantage.
  4. Cyber security risk management methodologies (IEC62443 , NIST, NIS-D) – advantage.
  5. Cloud-based knowledge is a plus.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, good interpersonal and service-oriented attitude, proven team-player, motivated and self-learner.
  7. Suitable to fast-paced startup environment and culture


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