Integrations & Joint Solutions

Radiflow industrial cybersecurity solutions are further enhanced with integrations and joint solutions with leading solution vendors in OT & Asset Management, Network Security, SIEM & Analytics and User Privileges Management. These solutions enable incorporating Radiflow into users’ existing security, storage and asset management platforms, through data enrichment and real time alerting on network anomalies.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)® provides automated access policy enforcement for highly-secure networks, which can be safely extended to the ICS network with full contextual data related to OT devices and their full properties, provided by Radiflow’s iSID industrial threat detection and management system. Learn more

COPA-DATA and Radiflow offer a bi-directional integrated solution for enhancing the functionality of both the zenon SCADA Management Platform, implemented in many industries to provide ergonomic and highly dynamic production and process optimization, and the iSID Industrial Threat Detection and Monitoring system, by                                                                                      correlating engineering/automation and cyber-defense data, all accessible through                                                                                      highly-customizable HMIs. Learn more

Palo Alto Networks users can now integrate iSID as an industrial threat detection app within the Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex Framework. The use of Cortex Framework apps enables organizations to quickly deploy new security capabilities without needing to provision additional hardware or software. The Cortex                                                                                                      Framework also offers a suite of APIs that developers can use to connect innovative                                                                                    apps with rich data, threat intelligence and enforcement points. Learn more

The integration between Fortinet’s Fortigate Next Generation Firewall and Radiflow’s iSID Industrial Threat Detection System provides industrial context and detection rules to the FortiGate firewall functionality with detailed OT asset information and alerting prioritization delivers simplicity and operational                                                                                                      optimization, so that security threat vectors are detected and remediated, and                                                                                              industrial processes operate as prescribed. Learn more

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